Steel & Guts

‘Steel & Guts’ is a beat ‘em up RPG arena game, where Robots can buy genetically bred human children. These young fighters can be equipped with weapons and armor, after which they test their skill in a battle to the death.

A friend and I originally came up with this idea during the Global Game Jam, but never really had time to work on it. Luckily school presented a chance where we could pitch this game, and our fellow classmates were so enthusiastic we were allowed to actually build it.

The game is programmed within the XNA framework, where the friend showed me around in a library he made for quick and easy prototyping. Thanks to him, and the diversity of things I worked on within this game, I learned a lot about C#, Object Oriented Programming and databases.

More information can be found here

Main learning experiences:

  • - Tricks within XNA
  • - Using XML as a database
  • - Working with another programmer